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Pre-purchase Inspections and Their Importance When Buying a Home

When purchasing a home it is important that we inspect the integrity of the home before closing escrow and you become the new owner. Over the years I have found that an increasing number of home sellers will have inspection reports performed before listing their home for sale in an effort to streamline the escrow process however this is not always the case. In some instances, the decision to inspect a home for any defects is left up to the buyer. This is of course all negotiable.  

I have compiled a list of questions and answers below that I think may be helpful to home buyers.

What kind of home inspections should we perform? 

The types of inspections we order really depend on the age, visual condition, location, and builder of the house you are interested in purchasing. 

The most common home inspections that I like to have performed on behalf of my buyers: 

• General inspection: A general inspector will review the home’s heating and air system, interior plumbing, and electrical systems. A general inspector will also inspect the roof, attic, decks, and visible insulation like walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and the foundation. 

• Pest inspection: A pest inspector will inspect the interior and exterior of the home for any signs of infestation, damage, or areas that are attractive to pests. 

Both of these inspectors will supply you with a comprehensive report outlining any affected areas that came up during the pest inspection.

Inspectors are Generalists: 

It is important to understand that a home inspector is a “generalist.” So if the inspector finds evidence of damage to the roof or another component, we may consider calling in a specialist to further review and put together a quote. 

Are inspections mandatory as a home buyer? 

Inspections are not mandatory and can be waived however it is highly discouraged. My experience has taught me that a buyer should always negotiate inspections into their purchase offer. 

What if the report reveals problems?

No house is perfect. If the inspector identifies problems, it does not mean you should or should not buy the house. In the event the inspector finds an issue, you have the option to negotiate a credit from the seller, have the seller make the repairs prior to the close of escrow, or waive the issue altogether.  

As your Realtor, I am dedicated to guiding you safely into homeownership while simultaneously negotiating a great deal for you on your dream home. I highly recommend inspections be conducted on every property my client’s purchase as without inspections you just don’t know the true condition of the home. In the past, I have had clients wave inspections in an effort to have their offers be super competitive in a multiple offer scenario however it is not recommended and is a risk that you need to thoughtfully consider.


Interested in learning more about home inspections? I would be happy to discuss further.

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