North Lake Tahoe Caps Short-Term Rentals

When the pandemic hit the San Francisco Bay Area in early 2020 and work from home became a reality for people across the country, a subsequent migration out of urban / city areas and into more rural areas took place. For many people, that meant buying second homes in regions like Lake Tahoe. 


In April 2020, the median price of a single-family home in North Tahoe was $660,000, according to a report compiled by Placer County. By November of 2021, that figure jumped 178% to a $1.175 million median sale price. 


Now, just about 80% of the homes located in North Lake Tahoe are second homes. Many of these homeowners look to platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO to offset their investments and rent their homes as short-term vacation rentals. This influx has made it increasingly difficult for local residents and employees to secure housing. Not to mention, the negative effects that some of the short-term rentals have had on neighborhoods across the Lake Tahoe basin. Many local residents have reported a huge increase in trash, repeated noise disturbances, irresponsible dog owners, large parties with cars blocking roads/exits, etc. 


As a result, Placer County unanimously voted on February 8th on an ordinance that caps the number of short-term rental (STR) permits to 3,900 which amounts to about 25% of the housing stock in the area. This cap was set to not only regulate the number of short-term rentals in the area but to also leave room for other homeowners operating STRs to come into compliance. 


Permit holders will be required to rent their STR for a minimum of 30 nights a year to discourage the limited number of permits from going unused. The ordinance also clarifies the requirement that all STR operators must obtain not only an STR permit but also a transient occupancy tax certificate and a business license from the county. Placer County will also be increasing the frequency of fire safety inspections, expanding the enforcement period for noise violations, and more than doubling the potential fine amounts for violations of the ordinance.


As longtime Lake Tahoe residents, we can understand and see the issues that both sides face. So we would like to hear from you guys! Do you think the cap and the new ordinance are enough to protect the local neighborhoods? Do you believe the cap is necessary? Share your thoughts in the comments below or DM us. 



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