Fort Point Lantern Tour

On Saturday we had the pleasure of taking the Fort Point Lantern Tour and it was such a unique experience!
Built in 1861, Fort Point was built as part of a defense system of forts to protect the San Francisco Bay.
Originally built for the Civil War, Fort Point was used the most during World War II with soldiers stationed at the fort to protect the Golden Gate from submarine attack.
In 1970, Fort Point became an official National Historical Site.
  • Tickets for this tour are based on a lottery system and released every two weeks. For more info check out: and
  • Dress super warm! You definitely feel all of the bay elements.
  • Don’t forget to bring a mask!
  • Everyone is offered a real lantern so we recommend bringing a small backpack so you can have your hands free!
  • They really encourage folks to take in the natural light of the lanterns so there is no need to bring flashlights.
  • Bring a camera / camera phone. You will definietly want to capture the views from the top.
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